Outdoor Activities, and Educational Events in the Pacific Northwest


The current schedule of activities can be mailed by request. Please contact the Club at 206-363-0859.

============================Summer Trips 2020===========================

Summer season outdoor activities (Covid-19 summer season limitations)

================Lectures, Talks, Sales, & Swaps Winter 2020==================


Partial schedule of Special Activities and programs: Most of the talks slide shows and fairs are free for all to attend.


==================Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Bus 2020====================

Ski/Snowshoe Bus:

        Cross Country ski/snowshoe activity series:

=======================Activities and Travel Winter 2020==============================

        One World Outing Club Special Trips and events

Some of the activities are offered in association with other groups and organizations.

============================Summer Trips 2019===========================

Summer season outdoor activities.

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