Outdoor Activities, and Educational Events in the Pacific Northwest

Recreation Maps:


Destination Cross Country Ski Area Maps:

The following maps are from Groomed Cross Country ski areas, Winter Snow Park areas, Tour Skiing, and Mountaineering ski Traverses. Many of these we make cross country ski trips to periodically with the club. The effective dates are when the maps were last updated. Please be aware that some of these areas do expand, will close down, or can change routings as time progresses. 

Local ski & Snowshoe Maps:

The following maps are from the local Cascade Mountains, and are relatively easy to get to with relyable snow, most years.

Lowland Park Walking-Trail Maps:

These are catagorized by region north, south, east, and central to the Seattle Lowlands and include some of the more beautiful forested trails we have in lowland parks. The trails range from shorter half mile walks to three to five miles in lengh. See trail description and driving directions on the maps.

Washington Getaways, Recreation and Activities http://www.kcls.org/wood/woodrec.html


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